A Compact, Powerful System that Delivers Big Results

The VITROS® 350 Chemisty System offers a range of important benefits such as:
Advanced Security
+ Unique sample processing capabilities, including single use disposable tips, as well as bubble and clot detection for worry-free
result reporting
+ MicroSlide technology minimizes interferences by introducing masking and scavengers layers to capture interfering substances
Optimized Efficiency
+ More than 60 onboard reagent positions with a wide accessible menu to deliver immediate results for STAT or routine testing
+ Walk-away operation and simple procedures that allow around-the-clock availability to all members of the lab
Cost Effectiveness
+Low cost per reportable result and high reagent efficiency without the costs, maintenance, preparation, carryover and
interference associated with traditional water-based systems
+Standardized reagents use the same reagent cartridges across all VITROS® Systems

Key Features

+Proven VITROS® MicroSlide technology reduces interference
+Short sample, clot, and bubble detection offersgreater accuracy
+ Single use disposable tips eliminate carryover and cross contamination
+ Continuous process verification helps ensure correct results the first time
+ MicroSlidetechnology and onboard dilution allow random testing of serum, plasma, and urine at any time
+ No plumbing, drains, vents or deionized water eliminates many costs associated with alternative systems
+Lowtotal costs with increased reportable result efficiency, fewer errors and interventions, and more effective staff utilization
+ Small footprint requires less space and overhead expenses
+ “Load-and-go” reagent preparation, MicroSlide technology and calibration stability up to lot change mean labor can be dedicated to value-added tasks
+ Easy to train and cross-train operators
+ Throughput up to 300 results per hour*
* Depending on test mix